Rare Diseases Charity and Support Foundation was established on 11th February, 2016

Director of the Foundation – prof. Rimantė Čerkauskienė

The aim of the Foundation is to provide charity, support or any other needed aid for children ill with rare diseases, to help legal entities with healthcare, social care and other similar issues, to aid medical specialists in providing medical care for children with rare diseases. Foundation also aims to improve, organize and provide medical, material, social, psychological and any other needed aid for children and adults, diagnosed with rare diseases or rare states.

Foundation seeks to promote medical and psychological rehabilitation of people diagnosed with rare diseases or rare states and their integration into the society:

  • To support rare diseases or states early diagnostics and treatment projects and events
  • To inform society about prevalence, diagnostics, treatment methods and results of rare diseases or states
  • To organize practical lectures, lessons for patients diagnosed with rare diseases or states and their family members
  • If needed and possible, to help patients travel abroad or send their documents abroad for consultation with foreign clinics and to invite doctors from other countries for consultations.
  • To develop rehabilitation in sanatorium and camps for patients with rare diseases or states