To celebrate World Rare Disease Day, on 7th March, Coordinating Centre for Children’s Rare Diseases and Sanofi Genzyme have opened an art, drawings and photography exhibition, artworks for which were provided by people with rare diseases from all across the world (Romania, UK, Australia, USA, Taiwan, Belgium, Venesuela, Poland, Peru, Columbia, China, Isreal, Netherlands).

This exhibition aims to spread the awareness of rare diseases and to inspire other people with rare diseases to share their experience through art.

Sanofi Genzyme have cooperated with patient associations all across the world to motivate people with Lysosomal storage diseases to create unique pieces of art, in which they could share their hopes and tell about their lives.

“Expression of Hope” program was created by Sanofi Genzyme to help people with  Lysosomal storage diseases spread the awareness of their illnesses. This is also our aim during the exhibition in Lithuania during Rare Disease Day. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment leads to better quality of life for the patients.

First “Expression of Hope” exhibition was presented in 2006, second – in 2009. This is alread the third “Expression of Hope”.

As a continuation for this exhibition, on 17th March, Coordinating Centre for Children’s Rare Diseases organizes VII international scientific conference “Research Brings Hope to People Living with Rare Disease” which will be dedicated to hyperlipidemias and lysosomal storage diseases.

Exhibition “Expression of Hope” may be found in Children’s Hospital Pediatrics Department (5th floor, Santariškiu 4) and Surgery Department (1st floor, Santariškiu 7).

On 17th March, the exhibition will be moved to Crowne Plaza Conference Center (M. K. Čiurlionio 84, Vilnius) where VII international scientific conference “Research Brings Hope to People Living with Rare Disease” will take place.

We kindly invite everyone to enjoy the exhibition and participate in the conference!

Video with Lithuanian subtitles – Exhibition “Expression of Hope”

Poster – Artistic expression erases the limits