If you wish to financially support Rare Disease Foundation, you can transfer 2% of your income tax to us. To do that, you only need to fill a special form. The form must be submitted before May 1st of the year following the taxation period.


You can fill the form:


When filling the form you must provide the following information:

    1. 1. Your personal code
    1. 2. Your phone number
    1. 3V. Your first name
    1. 3P. Your last name
    1. 4. Your home adress
    1. 5. Taxation period for which (or from which) you wish to transfer 2% of income tax.
    1. 6S. You must mark this square.
    1. E1. Recipient type – 2 (it indicates that recipient may receive financial support)
    1. E2. Recipient ID – 304177976
    1. E3. Leave this area blank
    1. E4. Type the amount of tax you want to transfer (maximum – 2,00%)
    1. E5. If you wish to transfer money for more than 1 year, you may type an financial support end year here (maximum – 5 years)
    1. Bottom of the page. Sign, type your first and last name.



You can transfer money directly:

Retų ligų labdaros ir paramos fondas
A/s Nr. LT 20 7300 0101 4585 6268
AB bankas “Swedbank”
Banko kodas 73000
Juridinio asmens kodas: 304177976
Adresas: Santariškių g. 4, Vilnius